Monday, March 18, 2013

A Letter Better Than Hogwarts

October 6th, 2012 was a day that I will forever remember for many reasons! But one major reasons is the announcement from President Monson at the beginning of the Saturday Morning session.

Every time I watch this video I get excited for my mission to Curitiba, Brazil. I have been waiting to go on my mission for 19 years now I only had to wait 18 years and 11 months (Believe me when I say that that  month does make a difference when it comes to waiting at home). Once this major announcement was made I knew I would go as soon as possible. What astounds me the most was the timing of this missionary change, many of my girl friends were in much confusion. Some wanted to serve a mission but knew that they could easily be married by 21. Others future plans were shattered and they did not know what they were going to do so they gave into the will of the Lord and what He had in store for them. Many of these people were praying only a week or so before the announcement was made. There prayers were answered in a miraculous way.

Well that very day of the announcement I called my bishop and the executive secretary to set up an appointment. I had my mission papers completed in less then a month and had my papers submitted on November 1st. And only 13 days later the letter of a lifetime finally came (Truly better then Hogwarts, except I would have liked it delivered by owl). The worst part was I had to wait like 6 hours to open when it finally came because I had classes and work. I was finally able to open my call that night on November 14th.

You probably cannot understand most of the video because of the tears which I was not totally expecting. But never has something felt so right, I knew that Curitiba Brazil is where I need to be and go for my mission. Is there people that I need to specifically find? Maybe. Is there people that are there that will specifically help me? Most definitely. I am so excited whether I end up in Brazil for most of it, or, because of visa issues, only am there for a month. A mission is not about where you serve its about who and how you serve.   

For those who are thinking about serving a mission my advice to you is to prepare now and always and find a sure testimony in the gospel. For those that are not members of the church, know that it is all true. I know it is and will always know it is. 

Elder Baird 

Ps. During these pictures look at grandma's face :)

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