Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Humbling Week

Well Hello Family!!

How are yall?? I am doing pretty awesome!! Got some crazy news for you and it does not have to deal with the visa. 

So Wednesday after we were done emailing transfer calls came in and I was told I was leaving Xenia which made me really sad because I absolutely love Xenia and the people there. But the Lord knew my time in Xenia was over. So I started to pack up all my stuff well then I got another call from the Assistants that told me I was training! What?! I just barely ended being trained at the end of the Xenia transfer. So that was humbling for me in the sense that I have only been out for 3 months. So I get to the transfer meeting and get my companion Elder Tate. He is pretty cool and just out of high school. So I am training him. Well I listened to figure out where we were going and we are opening up a new area so also being doubled-in to a city called Zanesville in the Zanesville 2nd ward! So basically I am going to train a new missionary in an area that I have never served in and we are going to an area that is being split. Sounded like a new fun adventure to me! So we get there on Thursday afternoon trying to get any information we can. Luckily our new area was just an area being split so we contacted the Sisters that used to work our are and we got some information and just started. Well I then founded out Friday morning that I was district leader which was news to me! And all this time I am thinking I barely just got finished being trained like 4 days ago! 

It truly has been a humbling experience to rely upon the Lord to help me be the best missionary I can in circumstances I have not yet had the opportunity to encounter. Its been fun to start from the bottom and work our way up. We got into the area with no investigators at all and knowing nothing of who or what was in Zanesville. Well with the Lord's help we have found 1 person to teach and our continually working to find others to share the gospel message. At times I have felt like the first missionaries, in the sense of knowing no one and having not a clue who you are going to teach but doing it and receiving blessings from doing it! And sometimes not knowing where you are.  I am also humbled in the sense that the Lord trusts me to train a new missionary, have the opportunity to open a new area, and also be a leader within the mission. The Lord never lets you be comfortable, if you are not growing in life then you are rotting. Life is not meant for us to find our comfortable spot and stay but to go on new adventures and learn lessons. The mission is definitely one big adventure with little adventures thrown in. There are days where you think man can I really do this. And when those days come you just got to go and do it. Cause you for sure will not be able to do it sitting there and thinking of all the reason you can not do it when there are many more reasons you can.

Well I love you all! You are the best! Hope all is well!

Elder Baird

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Baptisms :)

The picture with just those in white (Sierra is the one with the white headband. Deisha is the one with the pink headband. Angela is behind Deisha, Davianna is by Deisha. Olivia is the far right. It goes Me, Elder Hogan, and Elder Prettyman. Elder Beutler is on the far left) The picture with the kneeling Asian. The Asian is Theo who is now a friend for life and his wife Alex is in yellow. They are awesome! Oh and Samantha is the girl in the blue shorts!

Five Baptisms!

Hello Family!!

It has been another amazing week most definitely! Sorry I keep forgetting to tell you that on transfer weeks we have pday on Wednesday not Monday. 

Well this Saturday and Sunday was amazing. Angela and 4 of her family members entered into the waters of baptism. It was amazing. I had the opportunity to baptize and confirm Sierra and I confirmed Angela. Elder Prettyman baptized and confirmed Olivia. Elder Beutler baptized Deisha and Davianna and confirmed Davianna. Theo confirmed Deisha. Elder Hogan baptized Angela! It was an amazing baptism!! I was so happy to see my friends choose to be baptized. I have loved this family! Angela is so funny. After she was baptized she went up to all the investigators that we brought and other missionaries brought and told them to get baptized. It was so awesome!! 

Saturday was truly amazing! About a half an hour after the baptism we committed one of our investigators to baptism on August 15th. We are so excited for her!! She is absolutely amazing!! 

We are so busy! The Lord has truly blessed us!! We come home so drained then wake and feel like death then get to work and feel amazing then do it again. The Lord truly sustains His servants through the Spirit.  We just thank the Lord for the miracles in our life. Investigators are truly falling into our laps. But majority of this is coming from members. Do not be afraid to share the message of the gospel with friends and family. Just let them know how much they love them and want this message to bless their lives. I have seen and heard of lives changed completely by the message of Jesus Christ. It is absolutely astounding!! You can make the difference in someones life by sharing the gospel. 

Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT MARIE!!! You are basically the coolest. In the words of Kelly Clarkson, "My life would suck without you!" I love you!! 

I hope you know how much I love you all!! Keep the faith and rely on the Lord. The reliance on our Savior is so important and can help us through ALL trials in life! And after all trials, if endured with faith, hope, and charity, comes a miracle!

Elder Baird

Monday, July 15, 2013

Miracles All Around!!!

Well Hello Family,

It has been another amazing week here in Xenia Ohio. With amazing miracles from the Lord. He truly gives miracles to those that have faith and our obedient to his commandments. So here are a list of miracles from this past week!

#1- Angela has a stove! This Xenia ward is absolutely amazing!! They have taken the Gilbert family under there wing. There was a member that had a stove that they did not need. So Tuesday we moved it into her house! She was so excited!!! 

#2- So on Tuesday we went and contacted as many former investigators as possible! Well we went to a few great former investigators. One said she would love to take the lessons again. And the other one was a great experience. The lady's name is Billy. As we were walking up to her door she walked out and said that it was not the best time. She told us how her friend had died just last night and how her mother is not in the best health either. She then asked if we would pray for her, her friends family, and for her mom. Well we asked her if we could pray right now. She said she would love that. So Elder Prettyman offered this beautiful, Spirit directed prayer. Which during the whole thing she just cried. After the prayer she looked at us and said God sent you to me. Then she gave us all hugs and told us to come back in a few days so we are trying again today.

#3- So this Saturday we have 5 baptism and this is also a miracle. It is Angela and her two kids along with her two nieces. Her nieces were the ones we were not sure of, because they live out of the mission and we have to get parents approval. Well we got parents approval on it yesterday!!! So all of them are being baptized on Saturday!!

#4-We had 9 people at church!!! 6 of Angela's family. Then we had a parent member family we are working on and the husband came. Then we had a 2 girls that have investigated the church a little bit come and we set up times to go see them! It was so cool!!

#5- So we were eating lunch at the church on Sunday and that morning we ask Heavenly Father to help accomplish our weekly goals. Well a member of the other ward came up to us while we were eating lunch and said that he felt impressed to tell us that there was a guy outside just sitting in his truck and that we should go talk to him. Well we went and it was one of our investigators that we lost contact with!!! His brother is a member and was meeting with the bishop!! So we invited John into the church and gave him a chapel tour. It was so awesome!!!

Well the Lord has definitely blessed us with many miracles. But miracles do not just fall at our feet. They take faith and determination. Along with these miracles have come trials and road blocks and disappointment. But the miracles always come till AFTER the trial of our faith. It is a pattern found in life and a pattern found in the scriptures. So days the trial never seems to end and it may not till after this life. But there will always be a miracle after our trials if we endure them with faith. Faith to overcome, faith to believe,faith to grow. And believe you me the miracles are so much sweeter when you look back and see the journey that you overcame.

Well I love you family!! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you out here in the Ohio!! 

Elder Baird

Monday, July 8, 2013

This Work is Awesome!

Hello Family!!

It has been another wonderful week here in the Xenia Ohio! Unlike Utah apparently, we have had a lot of rain! It has basically rained everyday here. So basically I love it!! 

So Angela's family is amazing! We are teaching them the lessons of course but Angela is a boss! She had us teach one of her friends last night AND she just texted us that she has another friend that will come to church and we might be teaching after we email!! Her family is doing awesome!! We love going over there. We actually go over there everyday and teach her!

 But one thing I have learned is as soon as we teach someone, the adversary is right there. Angela has definitely been going through struggles but she is so strong!! She is truly a saint. She takes in children that need help and cares for them. Yet she has no stove cause it broke and she has no car but somehow it all works out!! The Lord definitely provides a way to overcome the trials and sturggles placed in our way. Prayer is also very important to overcome the hardships of live. But there has to be a goal. Where there is no goal, there is no journey! 

This week we got some awesome new investigators. One of the investigators answered the door and said, "Elders. Mormons. How are ya??" It is was crazy!! The Lord is blessing us here is Xenia with many miracles and blessings. 

So the visa thing. So I went today to see if the fingerprint machine in the Xenia Sheriff office was working. The lady asked what for. I told her for a visa.  She said that they did not do those fingerprints here. What?! Why was I not told this last week?! Oh well! This must be the Lords way of making sure I am here for Angela's baptism. 

So here is another awesome story. So I have been missing playing the piano and singing a lot. I totally sing A Capella, however you spell that, with the companions but it just aint the same. So we went to a nursing home. Which by the way my grandmas will never be in they if I can help it! Grandpa you will go there if you don't behave yourself. They make it seem nice but all the old people say that they don't care about you and are not helpful. Well we went to one. And we walk in on a sing along thing. Well they asked us to sing because the organist playing was a member. Well I sang I need the every hour for the old people. So that was really fun!!! 

Sent you some pictures. One is how much we love golden bears, next is a picture of our new plates in our sweet car! Last is a picture of my study desk !

Well I love you all! Make sure to do some sort of missionary work this week!! 

Elder Baird

Monday, July 1, 2013

Ya'll Thought Last Week Was Awesome!

Hey family!! 

Amazing week so far!! No doubt the best week ever!! The Lord is sending the miracles and it is awesome!! So we got 6 new investigators this week which was the best!! But here is a wonderful story of faith and miracles concerning our dear friend Angela's family.

So on Tuesday I went on exchanges with one of the coolest missionaries Elder Decker who happened to be in my same BYU ward so it was so fun to talk to him about all the people we knew. That picture of the stranger is him! So we had an amazing day which was fun!! But while I was gone Angela was having some doubts concerning if she was ready to be baptized. So Elder Prettyman, Elder Beutler, and Elder Furniss (Elder Decker's companion) went and helped her out. Then on Wednesday we went and I was able to also help address that concern and answer any other questions she had. So while we were there 3 of her daughters were their listening and asking questions. That was so cool but it gets better........ we leave and in the middle of daily planning we get a text that says how many people can be baptized one day? So somewhat jokingly I replied with 7 cause that is how many people are in her family. She then replied call me. So we called her and all 3 off her daughters there wanted to get baptized!!!! Then we went over to explain baptism the next night and put 2 of the daughters on date and Angela on date for July 20th. Well we did not stop their we went back on Saturday and taught lesson one to all the daughters and put 1 more on date to be baptized with her sisters and mom, the other daughter said she will be baptized when she knows it is true. Then we invited them to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and they all said they would. Then we invited them all to church!! Now here is the hard part about church. Angela does not have a car and she has 7 kids and herself. Well we have this amazing couple in the ward named Theo and Alex. Seriously they are the coolest! Theo just got back from a mission to California. They have 2 cars. So they brought them to church. But not only was there whole family of 8 there but they brought 2 friends!! We saved two rows in the middle pews. You should have seen the wards face when we walked in with 10 people that were all non members!!! It was absolutely amazing!! The Lord truly has been blessing us with great miracles. But these miracles come from faith and hard work!! Lots of prayer and fasting as well. But the Lord rewards those that have done all that they can to hasten the work!  It has been amazing to see how the Lord openly blesses those that serve him with all their heart. This is for Nick Ryan, and Scott you will know when your whole heart is into it when almost every night you dream about teaching people the gospel and wake up worried that you did not hit all the points in the lesson! I love being a missionary!! The field is truly ready to harvest like the picture I sent you. The Lord is truly quickening his work in an ever spiraling world of dismay. Their is missionary opportunities all around you!! 

So Nick and Ryan go into the MTC this Wednesday!! You guys are going to rock!! Scott when do you go in?? The MTC is the best!! Just don't drink the juice and be weary of the soups. Also the first 4 days are the longest days of your life but if you can get past Sunday you can get passed anything. Also I got this awesome wedding announcement from like the coolest people ever! Congrats Cami and Christian I love you guys!! 

Well as you can tell it is definitely summer time here in Ohio with the corn fields ranging from knee high to over my head. 

I have not been able to get fingerprints yet but we are trying today to see if the Xenia machine is fixed. But that is not something we missed that is just something they added. Some of the Brazilian missionary friends did not have to get fingerprints at all. The sad thing is is that I am LOVING Ohio!! It is really going to be hard to leave this place someday whether that be in a few weeks from my visa or two years to go home. Either way I realize that the Lord is totally in control of His work. So when I have done I Lord needs me to do here I will go to Brazil. But until then I will work my heart out here in the Great Ohio. The only mission named by name in the scriptures by the way! 

Well I am looking forward to another great week! Have fun getting ready for the family reunion!! You all are the best!!! 


Elder Baird