Sunday, July 28, 2013

Five Baptisms!

Hello Family!!

It has been another amazing week most definitely! Sorry I keep forgetting to tell you that on transfer weeks we have pday on Wednesday not Monday. 

Well this Saturday and Sunday was amazing. Angela and 4 of her family members entered into the waters of baptism. It was amazing. I had the opportunity to baptize and confirm Sierra and I confirmed Angela. Elder Prettyman baptized and confirmed Olivia. Elder Beutler baptized Deisha and Davianna and confirmed Davianna. Theo confirmed Deisha. Elder Hogan baptized Angela! It was an amazing baptism!! I was so happy to see my friends choose to be baptized. I have loved this family! Angela is so funny. After she was baptized she went up to all the investigators that we brought and other missionaries brought and told them to get baptized. It was so awesome!! 

Saturday was truly amazing! About a half an hour after the baptism we committed one of our investigators to baptism on August 15th. We are so excited for her!! She is absolutely amazing!! 

We are so busy! The Lord has truly blessed us!! We come home so drained then wake and feel like death then get to work and feel amazing then do it again. The Lord truly sustains His servants through the Spirit.  We just thank the Lord for the miracles in our life. Investigators are truly falling into our laps. But majority of this is coming from members. Do not be afraid to share the message of the gospel with friends and family. Just let them know how much they love them and want this message to bless their lives. I have seen and heard of lives changed completely by the message of Jesus Christ. It is absolutely astounding!! You can make the difference in someones life by sharing the gospel. 

Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT MARIE!!! You are basically the coolest. In the words of Kelly Clarkson, "My life would suck without you!" I love you!! 

I hope you know how much I love you all!! Keep the faith and rely on the Lord. The reliance on our Savior is so important and can help us through ALL trials in life! And after all trials, if endured with faith, hope, and charity, comes a miracle!

Elder Baird

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