Monday, July 15, 2013

Miracles All Around!!!

Well Hello Family,

It has been another amazing week here in Xenia Ohio. With amazing miracles from the Lord. He truly gives miracles to those that have faith and our obedient to his commandments. So here are a list of miracles from this past week!

#1- Angela has a stove! This Xenia ward is absolutely amazing!! They have taken the Gilbert family under there wing. There was a member that had a stove that they did not need. So Tuesday we moved it into her house! She was so excited!!! 

#2- So on Tuesday we went and contacted as many former investigators as possible! Well we went to a few great former investigators. One said she would love to take the lessons again. And the other one was a great experience. The lady's name is Billy. As we were walking up to her door she walked out and said that it was not the best time. She told us how her friend had died just last night and how her mother is not in the best health either. She then asked if we would pray for her, her friends family, and for her mom. Well we asked her if we could pray right now. She said she would love that. So Elder Prettyman offered this beautiful, Spirit directed prayer. Which during the whole thing she just cried. After the prayer she looked at us and said God sent you to me. Then she gave us all hugs and told us to come back in a few days so we are trying again today.

#3- So this Saturday we have 5 baptism and this is also a miracle. It is Angela and her two kids along with her two nieces. Her nieces were the ones we were not sure of, because they live out of the mission and we have to get parents approval. Well we got parents approval on it yesterday!!! So all of them are being baptized on Saturday!!

#4-We had 9 people at church!!! 6 of Angela's family. Then we had a parent member family we are working on and the husband came. Then we had a 2 girls that have investigated the church a little bit come and we set up times to go see them! It was so cool!!

#5- So we were eating lunch at the church on Sunday and that morning we ask Heavenly Father to help accomplish our weekly goals. Well a member of the other ward came up to us while we were eating lunch and said that he felt impressed to tell us that there was a guy outside just sitting in his truck and that we should go talk to him. Well we went and it was one of our investigators that we lost contact with!!! His brother is a member and was meeting with the bishop!! So we invited John into the church and gave him a chapel tour. It was so awesome!!!

Well the Lord has definitely blessed us with many miracles. But miracles do not just fall at our feet. They take faith and determination. Along with these miracles have come trials and road blocks and disappointment. But the miracles always come till AFTER the trial of our faith. It is a pattern found in life and a pattern found in the scriptures. So days the trial never seems to end and it may not till after this life. But there will always be a miracle after our trials if we endure them with faith. Faith to overcome, faith to believe,faith to grow. And believe you me the miracles are so much sweeter when you look back and see the journey that you overcame.

Well I love you family!! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you out here in the Ohio!! 

Elder Baird

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