Monday, July 8, 2013

This Work is Awesome!

Hello Family!!

It has been another wonderful week here in the Xenia Ohio! Unlike Utah apparently, we have had a lot of rain! It has basically rained everyday here. So basically I love it!! 

So Angela's family is amazing! We are teaching them the lessons of course but Angela is a boss! She had us teach one of her friends last night AND she just texted us that she has another friend that will come to church and we might be teaching after we email!! Her family is doing awesome!! We love going over there. We actually go over there everyday and teach her!

 But one thing I have learned is as soon as we teach someone, the adversary is right there. Angela has definitely been going through struggles but she is so strong!! She is truly a saint. She takes in children that need help and cares for them. Yet she has no stove cause it broke and she has no car but somehow it all works out!! The Lord definitely provides a way to overcome the trials and sturggles placed in our way. Prayer is also very important to overcome the hardships of live. But there has to be a goal. Where there is no goal, there is no journey! 

This week we got some awesome new investigators. One of the investigators answered the door and said, "Elders. Mormons. How are ya??" It is was crazy!! The Lord is blessing us here is Xenia with many miracles and blessings. 

So the visa thing. So I went today to see if the fingerprint machine in the Xenia Sheriff office was working. The lady asked what for. I told her for a visa.  She said that they did not do those fingerprints here. What?! Why was I not told this last week?! Oh well! This must be the Lords way of making sure I am here for Angela's baptism. 

So here is another awesome story. So I have been missing playing the piano and singing a lot. I totally sing A Capella, however you spell that, with the companions but it just aint the same. So we went to a nursing home. Which by the way my grandmas will never be in they if I can help it! Grandpa you will go there if you don't behave yourself. They make it seem nice but all the old people say that they don't care about you and are not helpful. Well we went to one. And we walk in on a sing along thing. Well they asked us to sing because the organist playing was a member. Well I sang I need the every hour for the old people. So that was really fun!!! 

Sent you some pictures. One is how much we love golden bears, next is a picture of our new plates in our sweet car! Last is a picture of my study desk !

Well I love you all! Make sure to do some sort of missionary work this week!! 

Elder Baird

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