Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Humbling Week

Well Hello Family!!

How are yall?? I am doing pretty awesome!! Got some crazy news for you and it does not have to deal with the visa. 

So Wednesday after we were done emailing transfer calls came in and I was told I was leaving Xenia which made me really sad because I absolutely love Xenia and the people there. But the Lord knew my time in Xenia was over. So I started to pack up all my stuff well then I got another call from the Assistants that told me I was training! What?! I just barely ended being trained at the end of the Xenia transfer. So that was humbling for me in the sense that I have only been out for 3 months. So I get to the transfer meeting and get my companion Elder Tate. He is pretty cool and just out of high school. So I am training him. Well I listened to figure out where we were going and we are opening up a new area so also being doubled-in to a city called Zanesville in the Zanesville 2nd ward! So basically I am going to train a new missionary in an area that I have never served in and we are going to an area that is being split. Sounded like a new fun adventure to me! So we get there on Thursday afternoon trying to get any information we can. Luckily our new area was just an area being split so we contacted the Sisters that used to work our are and we got some information and just started. Well I then founded out Friday morning that I was district leader which was news to me! And all this time I am thinking I barely just got finished being trained like 4 days ago! 

It truly has been a humbling experience to rely upon the Lord to help me be the best missionary I can in circumstances I have not yet had the opportunity to encounter. Its been fun to start from the bottom and work our way up. We got into the area with no investigators at all and knowing nothing of who or what was in Zanesville. Well with the Lord's help we have found 1 person to teach and our continually working to find others to share the gospel message. At times I have felt like the first missionaries, in the sense of knowing no one and having not a clue who you are going to teach but doing it and receiving blessings from doing it! And sometimes not knowing where you are.  I am also humbled in the sense that the Lord trusts me to train a new missionary, have the opportunity to open a new area, and also be a leader within the mission. The Lord never lets you be comfortable, if you are not growing in life then you are rotting. Life is not meant for us to find our comfortable spot and stay but to go on new adventures and learn lessons. The mission is definitely one big adventure with little adventures thrown in. There are days where you think man can I really do this. And when those days come you just got to go and do it. Cause you for sure will not be able to do it sitting there and thinking of all the reason you can not do it when there are many more reasons you can.

Well I love you all! You are the best! Hope all is well!

Elder Baird

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