Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Areas Are Different!

Hey Family,
So it is definitely been a crazy week! Good news is my fingerprints have been SENT! I was able to get them on Wednesday and they are now off to Salt Lake. So here is the miracle for the week:
So we have been dying for new investigators! We need them so bad and every referral we have tried is a dead end. All I could and was doing was fasting and praying for the guidance of the Lord to find new investigators. Well lately we have been tracking in places that seems have been tracked by Jehovah Witnesses. Let me tell you it is pretty annoying to hear that Jehovah Witnesses had just tracked there a few days prior to us. And usually it is not a positive thing for us because people just look annoyed that is another person wanting to discuss religion. So every time this past week we have driven by a street called Eppley and every time I felt like we needed to track that street. So on Tuesday night I felt very impressed to tracked Eppley on Wednesday! Well we did. So we started tracking and run into a girl and asked if she wanted to hear a message about Jesus Christ. And she said yes! Which totally took me by surprise! Well we shared the message of the restoration which was awesome! So we continued tracking this same street and we left to go track another street and then came back to Eppley with only having found 1 investigator. Well we got to the second to last house and nothing. So as we were walking to the last house I was praying that the people here would be accepting of the message we had to share and they were!! It was a daughter and a mom and we taught they the restoration as well! I love how the Lord works. When we give all we have a put forth all our efforts He makes it happen! And I swear when it comes to tracking it is ALWAYS the last house where someone will accept a message.
Well Zanesville is a pretty cool place a lot different then Xenia but I love it here! We are doing our best to increase the work here in Zanesville! We just have to go forward in faith and trust in the Lord and the work here will progress! Love you all!!

Elder Baird

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