Monday, November 18, 2013

Baptisms This Week- Nov 11

Hey family!

So it was another crazy week! Honestly not to much to report.

So we had Lucinda's baptism this week which was amazing! She was baptized on Sunday by Bro Bowman and I was able to confirm her on Sunday. It was so cool! Pictures will be coming next week. I promise! I was also able to play a special musical number that was a combination of Sweet Hour of Prayer and When Faith Endures. It was really fun to do! There were definitley some last minute things we forgot but since this is the Lord's work it all worked out!

Also on Sunday we had the Primary program which was awesome! We actually had 4 investigators at church. The primary program was so awesome! It made me laugh and cry. It also made our investigators laugh and cry.

We have also been doing a lot of exchanges this past week. We had exchanges back to back which was crazy. The missionary life is always crazy though. I feel far behind yet I know with the Lord's help all will go well!

I hope all of you are doing well on the Book of Mormon challenge! I am learning so much by going through it again. Everytime I read it again I feel as if I am reading a different book! I can tell you it is truly the  word of God given to us as anothe witness of the reality and divinity of Christ.

Well sorry for the shortness of email it was just another normal week (besides the baptism). Nothing too exciting but I promise something will happen this week that I will tell you about!
Hope yall have a good wek and I will be sending some letters your way this week!

Elder Baird

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