Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Temple is Great! October 27

Hello family!

I has been another great week! Full of all sorts of adventures! 

I think for sure the highlight of the week (as you can probably can tell in the subject line) was the temple! We had the opportunity to go with the stake on Saturday. It was spectacular to be in the temple with the members of the stake. There is some great sacrifice from the members here that no one from Utah could comprehend unless they have lived somewhere else. It was a nice 2 hour drive to the temple on Saturday night. It was an amazing experience though. I was able to see some friends from other wards I have served and been around in. My favorite part was I was able to do work for my own ancestor! I love the temple! 

Other then that it was a pretty normal week! We had some great lessons we had some more lessons cancel. That is the most frustrating part about being a missionary. The thought that you have a solid appointment set and then they cancel on you. But it is all good! The Lord has and will continue to bless us with miracles. 

The one thing that has been heavily on my mind is the right of revelation in the stewardship you have. The more I study and ponder I realize that exaltation is not possible without personal revelation. Revelation is so important to go through this life. But the thing that has astounded me is the concept of revelation as a missionary and revelation as a branch president. I can think of many times before, during, and after lessons where I have been able to be like Ammon and utilized the Spirit to understand those I am teaching. The one that has been more wonderful and enlightening for me is the revelation I have received and receiving for those under my stewardship. I think many times people think that we will always or that we should receive answers either right after our prayers or during our prayers. What I have found is that the answer comes in many ways. But the way that we see in the scriptures and from my experience is it comes when we ponder. Just this week I have been praying and pondering about how to help a certain member I have been meeting with for sometime. They have been struggling with anything and everything Well while driving one random afternoon this week. I was pondering on what the member need. Then it hit me as if I was having a conversation face to face with someone. The thought came as clear as day. She needs her patriarchal blessing. I was not quite sure if the member had one or if they even knew what it was. So I called the member and they told they did not have one nor knew much about them. We met yesterday to prepare them to receive their patriarchal blessing. It was amazing to me how the answer did not come in the prayer but during the pondering. 

Well I hope you all have a great week! 


Elder Baird 

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