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April 28

Hey family! 

So it was another great week! I wanted to make sure this was a great email since last weeks was pretty wimpy

Monday: Elder K and I prepared to travel part of the mission. So we set sail towards the most Eastern part of the mission (like 20ish minutes away from West Virginia). So Monday night we packed and made the 2 hour drive to Cambridge Ohio. All week we just would show up to a companionship's apartment to surprise them.

Tuesday: We spent most the day in Cambridge. So super cool experience: Elder Hogan and I were knocking in a small town outside Cambridge called New Concord! We knocked on the last door (by the way it is always the last door no matter which way you knock). This lady answers the door and we start to talk about who we are. She mentions that her husband is a Presbyterian Pastor. Then mid sentence she says would you like to come in and have dinner. Elder Hogan and I looked at each other and in my head I am thinking "Did she really just ask that? No one ever asks that!" We say yes of course! We go in and have an amazing dinner. We are having small talk during dinner and afterward about our families and such. Then again mid sentence the lady says "Alright boys lets get down to brass tax and talk about the word." So then we share with them the restoration and show the video Because He lives. We get a return appointment for tomorrow! It was amazing! After that I went down to Zanesville.

Wednesday: I was in Zanesville (my 3rd area)! It was super weird to be back in an old area. It was a super fun day. As a missionary in the USA for the most part you know it is hard to find people to talk to between the hours of 1-3. Well while we were there I felt impressed to go visit a part-member family and it was at like 2 in the afternoon. I had never met the non member of the family. Well we went there and the non member was home. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and got a return appointment! It was super cool! 

Thursday: It was my Birthday! Nothing to exciting just some awesome texts and calls from Sister and President Nilsen. That day I was in Moundbuilders area for the day. I met a cool guy named Jacob. After Moundbuilders we actually drove home and surprised our companions! I then opened my presents that were sent! Thank you to everyone that sent presents! It was a great Birthday! It is weird to think I am now 20! 

Friday: Friday morning Elder K and I took out our dirty laundry from our bags, packed fresh clothes, then head off to Marion. This was the funniest experience of the week. So surprised Elder Woodland and Elder Afalava. Elder Woodland and I went out knocking. This lady starts to talk to us. We find out that she believes God has called her to be a pastor. We start to talk about the Book of Mormon. She then told me that she had to go check on dinner so she had to go. Well I told her to go check and dinner and come back cause there was one thing I had to tell her!  So she went to check on dinner. She came back and I told her about the concept of divine positioning (meaning God places certain people to cross paths with certain people so they can learn from each other). Well after I told this too her she started to wail and cray. Not only that she was jumping up and down all over her house making weird noises as well. The whole time "praising" God. It was super weird yet kinda funny. Not gonna lie I was not quite sure what to do so I just sat their and watched her. This went on for about 10 minutes then she came back to the door huffing and puffing. After she got a hold of herself we exchanged numbers and we left. 

Saturday: So Elder K and I went back to Powell Saturday afternoon. Elder K, Elder Pike and I were asked to do a special musical number for a baptism in the ward (it was a baptism for the sisters) So we came up with a rendition of Sweet Hour of Prayer. Elder K was on the Violin, I was on the piano, and Elder Pike was singing. It was so awesome!!! Then later that night our bishop and his wife took us out to Ruth's Christ for dinner! It was so good!

Sunday: Sunday was a pretty good day as well! We again did a special musical number but this time it was a combination of Joseph Smith's First Prayer and Come thou Fount. It was super cool! One of the best parts about it was Sally Dubanowich came down from Radnor to come listen to me! I was so happy to see her! Then that night there was a mission home open house. Again Elder K, Elder Pike and I performed a few numbers. Once president found out we had a small band he has used us a lot. It makes me super happy! 

That is my week in a nutshell! This week should be fun with 4 zones being interviewed and new missionary training down at OSU campus. Hope you all had a great week! 

Elder Baird 

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