Sunday, April 20, 2014

Oh What a Life It Is.....

Hey family! 

So I am just loving life right now! Lack of sleep and never caught up on anything is pretty fun! Just kidding about that but kinda seriously! 

So this past weekish has been full of interviews in almost half of the zones! It is pretty fun to work the interviews. While interviews are taking place we get to train the missionaries! It is super fun to see missionaries that I have served around and how much they have grown. 

So here is a nice update on the work in Powell! So to start off we had a great lesson last night. We went over to the Pohmer family to teach them. It was a crazy lesson. The girls were all over the place and puppets were everywhere. But the Spirit was there! And they excepted baptism on April 26th! We are super stoked and see the miracle the Lord has blessed us with. Another great think that is happening is we are working with the awesome italian lady named Stefania! She is awesome! She has been taking the lessons for like the past 6 months. So we decided to bring over her baptismal program for an invitation to her baptism. She actually accepted it quite well! So we are really going to focus on helping here enter into the waters of baptism on  May 3rd! The work is going very well! It is definitely different then Delaware but it is a great place! 

I am loving it here on my mission! The one thing lately I have been thinking about is envisioning success. We need to look towards the positive. Worry is mentally practicing failure. We need to envision where we went to be or what we want to do. We have been doing this lately for our area. We all fasted together last Sunday and before we started our fast on Saturday night I asked if we could fast for a specific family. I asked if we could fast for a family with a Husband and wife in their 30's and two kids, one boy and one girl, between the ages of 10 and 12. This family will be looking for a church. So that is what we fasted for and that is what we are praying for. The Lord will provide if it is his will. But this simple thought of this simple, prepared family has driven me the last few days because I am going to find them!

Well I hope you all had a great week! It has been a great week here in Ohio! 

Elder Baird 

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