Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 10: Life is Crazy

Hello Family! 

It has been one crazy past week and 1/2ish! So the new area I am is Powell! It is a sweet place! We are in a 4 some. My companions are Elders Kujanpaa, Nygren, and Pike! I love them! We get along so well! It is super fun also to live in a 4 pad. We are the only one in the mission and it is super fun! I worked with Elders Kujanpaa and Nygren while I was in Delaware so we already were great friends. Elder Pike and I went to the MTC around the same time so we will actually go home together!  

The work here in Powell is different then in Delaware! In Delaware you can go knocking and have success in a half hour, now in Powell it takes a little longer! But it is an amazing place to be!! 

We are working with this really cool family named the Pohmers. They are friends with President and Sister Nilsen! The crazy thing is Mr. Pohmer works with one of my college roommates dads! Super small world! They are an amazing family! They are totally going to get baptized! They have 4 little girls! They all call me Elder "Bear". They just never would put a "d" at the end! It is super funny! 

We are working also with a few Mexican families that live in our apartment complex! I am getting to use the Spanish from high school with a combination of the Portuguese learned at the MTC! 

All and all it has been a great week! I loved Conference! Elder Bednar and Elder Holland's talks were my favorite! It is great to know we have living prophets and apostles on the earth. Only if people would read the bible and see the Lord has established his church based off the structure of apostle and prophets! 

Hope you all have a great week! 

Elder Baird 

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