Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 2: Leaving Delaware But I Did Not Cry

Dear Family!

Well it is true... I am leaving Delaware. It is pretty crazy to say the least! I am going to miss the place so much! This place is like home to me! Never have a met some many amazing people in one place! I have been blessed greatly for having the opportunity to serve here in Delaware! But I guess you know you got to go when you don't need to use the GPS to get anywhere! 

Well let me sum up my week for ya! So this week has been a week FULL of exchanges! From Tuesday to Wednesday we went down to Lewis Center to help Elder Bean and Elder Monahan. Elder Bean and I were together! We got to make a pie and we gave it to the bishop in their ward. Then from Wednesday to Thursday Elder Geist and Caulderwood from Worthington came up to Delaware. It was super fun! We were able to see some awesome investigators named Tina and Wesley! They are so prepared! Then from Thursday to Friday we were down in OSU which was super fun! It is really fun street contacting and talking to people about the church right in the middle of a college campus! Then on Saturday Elder Bean and Elder Monahan came up to Delaware which was cool! We got to do some service in the rain! Then from Sunday night to Monday we went to OSU again with another companionship! Basically we did a Zone tour! It was super fun to able to work with so many different elders! 

Some other great news is spring is coming! It has been really nice lately! Yesterday we got up to like 72 degrees! I am super stoked for spring! 

So the personal insight I received this week was concerning the scripture find in Doctrine and Covenants 1:38. It is mainly talking about prophets and the last little bit that states, "whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants it is the same" usually to me that means whether God literally says it or if the Prophet says it it is the same thing. But what I learned was you could also take it a different way. That we as member of the church can receive personal revelation for ourselves and the prophet receives revelation for the church as a whole. Prior to that little bit the Lord says, "My word shall pass away but shall all be fulfilled" I think the Lord also is saying that his word will not fail whether it be through personal revelation through the Holy Ghost or through the words of the prophets. Also I believe the Lord is letting us know the 2 lines of revelation, the personal line and the priesthood line. 

Well I hope you have a wonderful day!! 

Elder Baird 

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