Monday, January 19, 2015

Blessings of the Temple - Jan 19

Hello family!

It has been another wonderful week! The has been mainly wonderful because of the temple. 

I think I have told many of you, possibly even in a group email, that we are allowed to do 3 hours of family history a week! Oh how I have loved doing it. Mainly what I have been working on is the unknown parts of the family. I decide and felt impressed to work on one name, a man named William Moore. He is on the Roberts side of the family. Well for the first 3 weeks I was looking census after census. I could not find anymore info on him. It was pretty discouraging but I was determined to find him. I think the Lord was testing me, seeing if I was really dedicated to the work of family history. Since then I have found 2 more sons, 2 more daughters, 2 of the son's wives, and one of the daughters husbands. It has been incredible to see how after the trial came the miracle! It has not only blessed my life but we have been able to get our investigators and members addicted as well! 

The great blessing came on Saturday. Saturday was a glorious day! Darin and Shirley went and received their endowments. Then they were sealed. Here are some highlights from that experience. 
1. In connection with Williams family I was able to do the work for his son John L Moore. There is an incredible feeling when you do the work for YOUR ancestors. We have been taught by many prophets and apostles that going to the temple is half the blessings and doing your family history is the other half. To receive all the blessings of temple in family history work we need to take our ancestors to the temple.
2. I was the witness at their sealing! That was probably one of the coolest things I have done. 
3. I gained new insights on the ordinances and covenants of the temple. A lot of that came as the sealer was talking before their sealing. He was one of the past temple presidents. So he had incredible insights. Also some of the questions of my soul were answered! 
4. Like I have said in past emails. Coshocton is family away from family! The Pierces (friends of Grandma and Grandpa Roberts) came back out for it. Also many of the branch members were there. It was a wonderful experience to all be together in the temple as a branch family. 

The temple is incredible! The blessings received there are beyond this world, literally. We need to make sure that we are worthy of recommend. Not only should we have the recommend we should use it often!! 

Elder Baird 

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