Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Elder Baird Writes Again :)

Oi Familia,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So something to make you feel a little young is that a sister in my district has a older sister is older than you! So you are really young!!
So I heard you got a new car! That is so cool! Although I am going to kinda miss the white Hyundai! There are some great high school memories in that car! Oh well! I bet you are loving the birthday present mom.
So conference was awesome!! Who was my favorite speaker? You guessed it Elder Holland! I love how the Lord works and his tender mercies. The small tender mercies of the Lord help grow a big solid testimony. I had some questions I desired to have answered in conference. Not only did the Lord answer them, He answered them in one talk through my favorite apostle! It was a true testament to me of how much the Lord cares and how much he cares about the little things! Fan the flame of your faith!
So I am love reading the Book of Mormon at a faster pace! So I started it over when President Hodges asked us to that first Thursday. Then that first Sunday we watched a talk by Elder Bednard. He said that for every question or principle you what to know read the entire Book of Mormon. So I started over again that first Sunday to learn more about the Atonement. I only have 100ish pages left. Then I am going to start again to learn more about faith. Y'all should try it some time! I love reading the Book of Mormon like this. It is all I can think about haha I get excited every time to read more even though I know what is coming next. 
So packages this week: I got again my favorite crackers with goldfish and candy from Grandma and Grandpa Roberts. Then I got packages from Pookie and Grandma Baird which consisted of candy and homemade bread and Grandma's strawberry jam! All of it was yum!! :) Thank you so much and letters are coming your way today. Also I got an awesome package from the adoptive family (The Hickens) with pictures and cards from the whole gang. The pictures are already hanging up in my room. I loved reading all the cards! :)
I have heard NOTHING about the visa. But my professora did say she heard that they are moving things quicker (Her roommate for the church concerning Brazilian visas). But also you could just call the Brazilian government and bribe them. I have heard that works! 
So some funny stories! So I have a laundry appointment every Tuesday. Elder Forsyth and I do laundry with elders from our district and from the other district (a district that got here the same day and half of them are also going to Curitiba)  also with the sisters from both districts. Three of the sisters from the other district are Sister Bergloff, Sister White and Sister Nelson. In one of their teaching appointments their investigator told them that he was a drug addict. They decided to say I am sorry so they said Desculpa. Little did they know that desculpa does not mean sorry in that context. It means my bad haha. Then another Elder said We have a massage for you instead of message. 
Well life is going good at the MTC! It is so crowded though! The Lord is truly hastening His work! Especially the sisters!! The church is true and the book is blue!

Elder Baird 

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