Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Elder Baird's Latest News

Oi Familia,
So much exciting new this week and more to come!
1. An apostle came last Tuesday night! It was Elder Richard G Scott!! He gave one of the most beautiful talks on prayer and receiving revelation I have ever heard! After his talk he gave an Apostolic Blessing to us and he hit a lot on the language missionaries. Any worry I had is gone as long as I am working diligently to learn. Then after he was done we sang a closing song and as the Sister missionary was walking up to the stand to pray, Elder Scott went to the podium again. He again reassured us by saying "The Lord has called you to succeed not to fail! He will not abandon you! Remember you have been called and will fit the task!" But the most spiritual part for me was before his talk. I wrote in my journal, "While singing prelude the doors opened and walking through came President and Sister Nally and behind them came Elder Richard G Scott. As I saw his face I immediately rose to my feet. Then came the Spirit overwhelming me. I knew at that moment that I had another witness that he is an apostle of the Lord. His wave and happiness even more testified this man is a man of God. That feeling I had is something I cannot deny!"
2. I have had the opportunity to participate in first time occurances here at the MTC. I participated in the whole campus wide passing of the sacrament on Easter. Last Wednesday I helped in welcoming missionaries on the first Wednesday that there was more Sisters then Elders. I found out on Sunday in one of my meetings that for the first time ever there is a 50/50 ratio between Elders and Sisters. Lastly this Friday I get to participate in the first skype TRC. (TRC is where we teach members and RMs volunteers.) Well on Friday we will be the first district to do TRC Skype. And guess who we are going to skype!?!?!? BRAZILIANS IN BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!
3. Tomorrow or Thursday I will find out about reassignments/visa. There was quiet a few visas today. Elder Merrill one of my favorite elders here got his visa!!! We were hoping to get reassigned together so I guess I just have to get my visa in the next few days. A few went through Houston which is a good sign for me! Also the rumor is that the man in charge of Brazilian visas was here on Wednesday. But I hope if I do get reassigned it comes tomorrow so it can be a nice Birthday present.
Well the MTC is awesome, but I can't wait to leave! The time here has flown by so fast! Last week I got to hatch new missionaries and tomorrow I get to do it again. So I am going to try to find Richie tomorrow. I got 2 packages from Marie consisting of delicious homemade bread and crack-carmel desserts! I love her!! I got a package from grandma too which was awesome!!! Also they recently changed who you can email which is fun! Being Zone Leader is fun! Comes with more responsiblity but they are fun. For example I get to do orientation with the new missionaries in our district the next two days with THE Sister Jen Bergloff and classy Elder Forsyth! The language is going well and Elder Shaw says hey! 
Well I am doing awesome! Hope you are doing so well!! Love you all!!
Elder Baird

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