Sunday, April 21, 2013

Elder Baird's Newest Letter

Oi Familia!
So to start off the person that won the "Who did Elder Baird see this week" is Uncle WIlford!!!! I saw him this morning at the temple. I was so excited to see him! It is a weird feeling to see a familiar face.
Questions from Dear Elders:
I have heard nothing. Apparently the consulate to go through is the San Francisco one. Many people that are getting their visas went through that consulate. I will officially hear an update next Wednesday. That is when I will also get my reassignment if I don't have my visa or if my visa is almost done.
It is coming along great! I just don't worry and stress about it, I let the Lord give it to me in His own due time. I cam focusing more on the language of the Spirit as I finish up the Book of Mormon this week.
Food? Fat?
I am actually getting used to the food! Also I am not fat.................. yet.
This week was a great as all the other weeks have been here. Every day I am learning more about the language and more about the gospel. This past Sunday Elder Forsyth and I were made Zone Leaders so that is fun. Also this past Sunday I got to play the musical number. The hardest thing for me right now is not being able to play the piano for hours each day. So needless to say I take every opportunity I can to play. Also we committed our pesquisador (investigator) to baptism. It's our English investigator and he is our teacher but still it is pretty cool!
Tomorrow marks week 4! It is crazy to think I only have about 2 more weeks here then I am off to teaching real investigators. Tomorrow is also an amazing day because our district gets to be hosts. Meaning we get to be the missionaries that hatch the new missionaries into the MTC. We will be the missionaries that grab the new ones from the curb to start their MTC experience. Also tomorrow Elder F. and I get to be in an activity called "How to begin Teaching" where we kind of model to the new missionaries how to teach.
I can't believe that you got another car!! So cool though and really smart economically! Bailey, have fun at college and don't drive your roommates to crazy.
One quick sorry. There is an Elder here named Elder Law. I don't know his companions name but for the sake of the story he is Elder Smith. I have never met these elders, I have only seen them. Now a few things about Elder Law he is about 5'5", he has black hair, and he is blind. I believe if there is one person in this world that has amazing faith it is Elder Law. He had faith to go on a mission while blind.  But that is not all. Elder Smith is the perfect example of Christ. Whenever I see these two elders walking around campus Elder Smith has his had placed on Elder Law's far shoulder guiding him. Elder Smith also at meal times guides Elder Law to his seat, gets Elder Law's meal, then goes and get his own. Every time I see these two amazing missionaries walking I think of how we are blind. I think of myself as Elder Law not knowing what is going to happen while walking through this life. I think of Elder Smith as the Savior. The Savior is there with his hand upon our shoulder guiding us. He can do that because He knows and has been through all that we will have to endure in this life.
Espero que voces estaejam bem. Amo voces!!!
Elder Baird

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