Monday, June 24, 2013

An Amazing Week of Miracles all through Prayer! (6/17)

Hello Family!! 
Lots of miracles this week. So to start off I got two amazing companions I am in a tripanionship again!! And one of my companions was a Elder I was hoping and praying would be my companion. His name is Elder Prettyman! He was my Zone Leader and now he is my district leader and companion. He is amazing!! He only has a transfer and a half left. I am learning a lot from him. My other companion is fresh from the MTC. His name is Elder Beutler. He is pretty awesome too. So here is a break down of the week from last time I emailed you:
We went to a Zone Fun Day. We went to a member's ward in Piqua. This house was so cool it had a lake to go fishing, volleyball, tire swings, a bunch of grass for frisbee, football, and soccer, and wait for it..... they had a........ LLAMA!!! It was the coolest llama ever! Then after Zone Fun Day we went to the great city of Columbus for Mormon Tabernacle Choir. We had two investigators at the concert and they loved it. I loved it so much!!! They did a wonderful job!

Well this was transfer meeting. I did get to see my mission dad Elder Francom, but sadly he is going to a Cincinnati Zone meaning he will be in the Cincinnati mission come July 1st. So I got my new companions and we also got a new car!! Then we got to work as usual.
We did weekly planning. Friday's are such long days and we have to do weekly planning which is great to do but it takes a long time!! A long time that we could be tracking!! So then we went back to work. That night and during weekly planning we decided we were going to change this area and zone. We wanted and desired to make the work sky rocket here in Xenia. So we prayed and planned for Saturday. We planned about a 3 hour chunck of time for just tracking.  We also set a goal of 3 new investigators. Since I have been out the most I have gotten in a week is 2. So we planned to get more investigators in one day then I had done in a week. Well we went out and right before we tracked a street we prayed for 2 investigators from this street. So we went tracking and found a husband and wife. We were so excited. We continued to try to find our 3rd investigator. Well that night the Sister missionaries in Beaver Creek had a baptism planned and we were planning on taking one of our investigators. So the time came we had to go meet our investigator and we still had not found that 3rd new investigator. So we went to the investigators house at 645 because the baptism was at 7. Well we talked to the investigators daughter and we found out that she had to leave and take one of her friends to the hospital. So we felt like we should go to the hospital. And then the daughter said that she had her mom and the phone and that she wanted to talk to us. Well come to find out our investigator took a less active member to the hospital and we decided to for sure go to the hospital. Well our investigator's daughter also wanted to go to the hospital to see her mom. We went to hospital and gave the less active member a blessing. Then our investigator was so sad that she missed and asked her daughter to go to see and tell her how the baptism is. So we took her daughter to the baptism. Well when we left the hospital it was probably 720 and the baptism started at 7 and we would not get to the church till 730. We knew the baptism was going to be over or almost done by the time we got there. So we planned on taking her anyway and giving her a chapel  tour and a lesson. When we got to the church we heard a prayer being given and then we knew it was over. But to much of our disbelief it was just starting!! The sisters forgot to fill the font so they had to wait an extra 30 minutes to fill!! We were so excited!! So our investigators daughter went to the baptism AND  we had a chapel tour AND gave the first lesson!! So we got our third investigator right when we thought we would not!!
So we decided to try for 4 new investigators yesterday. One reason was because we knew that we had a family referral from another pair of elders that set up a return appointment for us. So we thought that we could find 2 and the family would be at least 2 new investigators. So we went tracking for 2 ish hours. Before we started tracking we prayed and we felt to ask for 1 new investigator from the street we about to track on. Well right before we had to go to dinner the last house we knocked we met this awesome catholic guy. We taught him the first lesson and he said he felt the Spirit and told us to call him this week to set him up with another appointment. So we got 1 new investigator. Well we went to our referral appointment at 730 and we still only had one new investigator. We went to the appointment and taught this awesome guy named Hui. But he did not want his family to hear the message until he did. He is looking to believe and have faith in Christ. It was an amazing lesson and we got one more new investigators! Well yesterday we got 2 amazing new investigators,and I know what you are saying you did not get 4 you only got two. Well also throughout yesterday we got 5 member referrals! And we met a kid that wants our help to stop smoking. I believe that we got our 4 new investigators we just have not met them yet and they don't know that they are interested yet! 
Well it has been a great week!! I am so excited for this transfer!! I love you all!! Don't forget to read and PRAY! All these miracles came from the many prayers we gave. But make sure you a praying with realism and the spirit. We could have prayed for 4 investigators or 30 investigators from one street but we only prayed for one on the street we tracked on Sunday cause that what we felt was the will of God and it was! Have a great week! And congrats to Daniel and Chandler also to Kyle and Sarah! 

Elder Baird 

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