Monday, June 24, 2013

Best Week in the mission EVER! (6/24)

Hello wonderful family and Friends!!

So if you did not watch the churches broadcast GO WATCH IT NOW!!! It was absolutely amazing!! And it brought forth miracles for us! 
So this week was awesome as you can tell by the subject line. So we have this amazing investigator named Angela. Well Angela has 5 daughters and we taught her daughter last week when she came to the baptism. Well this Saturday there was another baptism and Angela was able to go to this one. I actually played a special musical number for this one. It was fun to see the Lord's help when composing a song for an investigator about to be baptized. Well she loved the baptism then she came to church. So in sacrament meeting  I was sitting by her and they announced the meeting going on Sunday night. She turned to me and asked what is that tonight cause I want to go. So I explained it to her and she went. Well we walked out after the meeting and she told us, "I loved that! I was praying the whole time about getting baptized. Well I can't imagine myself anywhere else. So I want to be baptized as soon as possible" WHAT?! I was so excited had to refrain myself from hugging her! But that is not all. So a little back track, Friday night she called us up and said I want you to give my daughter a blessing so of course we went over. Now we had only met one of Angela's daughters the rest were not to interested. But after the blessing we had an amazing lesson with all the daughters. We just addressed questions and concerns and Angela was helping us teach them! So fast forward back to last night have she told us that she wanted to be baptized asap. She then said, "And I want you all to teach my girls and I want them to go on missions just like all the other girls I saw tonight!" We could not believe it!! We feel so blessed and loved by our father in Heaven for the opportunity to have such an amazing investigator and an awesome miracle!  All this came by faith and prayer as we discussed last night. I too was praying the whole thing like Angela and my prayer was definitely answered!

I got a package from Grandma and Grandpa Roberts!!! It was awesome cause animal circus cookies were in there!!! Thanks grandma and grandpa!

Also this week we had Zone conference which was actually more like a mission conference cause it was all the Zones that will be in the new mission in a week! It was so awesome! President Nilsen is a boss!! I learned so much at Zone conference and got to see Elder Hogan which was awesome! So I am sending you a picture of the best Lemonade drinks ever! It is a mission thing. President ordered one for every missionary at Zone Conference! 

Visa news this week!! So I got a package that said they need me to get finger prints from the police department here and send them back to finalize my visa. So to me it sounds like they are at least looking at my visa. But the sad news is we just went to the place you get the fingerprints here in Xenia and there printing machine is broken and we hopefully be back up next week. So we are going to try Beaver Creek tomorrow. So I take this as good news right now. 

So something I have been thinking about lately before the broadcast last night was this thought I had on Tuesday morning. "Missionary work is one of the best ways to fulfill your baptismal covenants." And the talks from last night definitely let us know that last night. If you read Mosiah 18:8-10 and the Sacrament prayers you will see how all of those are fulfilled when you are lost in the work of the Lord. I don't think members of the church really understand how important they are in the work! We need your help in a desperate way! This meeting last night should be the driving power influence that last October's conference was for all missionaries that were effected. The work is now in the hands of the members truly. They will set the pace. Tracking well at least here in Ohio is dead. Honestly it is not successful. It has been found that 60% to 70% of member referrals will end up in a conversion. Tracking is not near that statistic! So I hope the members of the church catch the wave and realize the work is truly in their hands. 

Well I love all of you and pray for all of you! I am so excited to see what happens in the up and coming months and years in missionary work. The Lord is ever hastening his work in so many ways! But no longer can missionary work be thought of something that only missionaries that have been called do, but it is something EVERYONE in the church needs to do! If I have an investigator that is talking to people on the bus about the church, helping us teach her kids, and helping us reactivate a less active. Then why can't you. 

Elder Baird 

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