Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Elder Baird is not in Canal Winchester anymore but not in Brazil either

Hey Family,

So the subject line is the crazy news for the week. So I am no longer in Canal Winchester with Elder Francom and Elder Miles but I am also not Brazil!! So on Thursday we (Elder Francom, Elder Miles and I) were doing a 24 hour exchange with our zone leaders. Elder Miles and I were with Elder Loosli one of our zone leaders and we were eating at a members home. While we were there we got a call from Preside Nilsen. So he left a message cause we were in the middle of a lesson with the members. Well when we got out of the lesson I listened to the message and it said Elder Baird will you call me as soon as you can. My first thought was, "MY VISA IS HERE!!" But I did not let my hopes get to up there. So I called him back, and he said that he needed my help and I said I could help him. Then he proceeds to tell me that he needs me to go to Xenia (My new area east of Dayton Ohio) tomorrow morning. And I respond of course I will president. I need to go because one of the missionaries that was here went home because he was very homesick and did not have the desire to work. So we went home early from 24 hour exchanges so I could pack and we met the assistants at the church building Friday morning. So in a nut shell I was emergency transferred out of Canal Winchester and was sent to Xenia. Now I was really sad about this at first. I loved Elder Francom and Elder Miles!! Elder Francom was the best dad ever!! (Dad is mission talk for trainer) Elder Miles saw me when I was talking to president and he said my voice said happy but my face said sadness. He thought that I was being told that my visa had been denied. But I love Xenia! The members here are AMAZING!! Coming to Xenia has been an answer to prayers and fasting that I did not expect. I have been praying and fasting for a Brazilian Investigator with the main desire and purpose to not loose my Portuguese. Well the Lord took that desire to not learn Portuguese and answered my prayers. I have met 5 people in the ward that speak Portuguese and all of them are willing to help me! Xenia is not the greatest, pretty place. But I place called Beaver Creek in our area is!! You would love it here mom and dad! It is so beautiful. Dad I did see an Aspen dental in Ohio. Maybe you could move here.

Well the work here in Xenia is the same as Canal Winchester and the work in Canal Winchester and Xenia is the same all over the world. We are inviting people to come unto Christ. I have been able to meet one investigator. She is absolutely amazing!! She has great faith and a spectacular testimony. On Saturday she said she would be baptized which was so exciting. But there is a catch to this. She has to tell her father who is a preacher. She is almost positive he will tell here to get out of the house. But she knows it is true so she is making that sacrifice.

Oh my companions name is Elder Hogan. He is from Bountiful Utah. He is pretty awesome! We get along great!

My new address is 1790 Deer Creek Drive Suite #5 Xenia, Ohio 45385.

It is insane to hear and see pictures from the Tornadoes in Moore! It is awesome though that you guys got to go down and help! To answer some of your questions: Visa: Nothing! Pictures: I was going to send you some today cause the computers in can had a way to do it. But the computer here I am using does not so maybe next Monday or I might just send my memory card. Package: I want home baked goods, temple bag, and anything you think I would need.

By the way I am sending you all some stuff. We went to a cool hippy town today so I am sending gifts from a asian hippy shop in Ohio.

Well I love you all!! Hope you guys don't get hit by a tornado!!

Love, Elder Baird

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