Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Elder Baird's Latest Week in Great Ohio

Hello Family,

Como vai? Tudo Bem? Tudo bem! Sounds like all is well! Except for Moore Oklahoma which is sad. I heard about the tornado but I had no clue where it was so I texted Sister Nielsen to let me know where it was at. She let me know it was in OKC which put my mind at rest a little. I knew my family was safe but I was worried about all the other missionaries especially Elder Gleave and Izzy. But Kayla put that worry to rest. I found out about the Tornado on Sunday I think and the next day Brother Perez called me to make sure my family was alright. Brother Perez is one of the kindest men I have ever met. Well here is a break down of my week:
  Monday: It was pday so that was fun!
  Tuesday: We did some service! You better teach Cameron how to mow. We mow at least one lawn a week sometimes more. On Tuesday we mowed a potential investigators lawn in our church clothes. That was weird but fun! 
   Wednesday: We had a district meeting! We also did some more missionary work. We have been teaching this awesome lady named Mary. One thing that is awesome about being in a triple is that we can teach single ladies. 
   Thursday: We did a long split on Thursday. There is a kid in the ward that leaves for his mission in August. So we used him. Him and elder Miles went down to Circleville while elder Francom and I stayed up in Canal. We met an awesome potential investigator named Natasha. 
   Friday: Like usual we did some tracking and visiting less actives! We got to eat at the Chans which was awesome! The first thing they asked me was to make sure you guys were all okay in Oklahoma. I love the Chans. 
    Saturday and Sunday: Saturday we did some service for a Less active/ part member family. Since I have been here I have painted, mudded, sanded, and helpedwith other small construction jobs. After my mission I might be able to build a house. After service we tracked and visited members, and investigators. So here is the hard part of the week. Missionary work is awesome and I love bringing people closer to Christ. But there are also hard days where everything falls through. Well Saturday night we had 4 investigators planning on coming to church. All of them were so excited. We were so excited because we have not had an investigator to church yet! Well Sunday morning came and all within one hour of each other all 4 investigators said they were not coming. Needless to say it was kind of a hard Sunday morning. 
   Monday: Well the Lord always tries to take the sadness and make us happy and that is what he did Monday... even at the expense of others. So at around 4:30 Monday morning I heard this loud boom! I shot up and looked around the room to see what it was. I looked over where we have the make shift nightstand(Which looks like it is the head of a bed frame) It is pretty big and we have a lamp, our journals, and many other things. Well I looked where it is suppose to be and it is not there. Then I look down where Elder Francom is sleeping (He sleeps on the floor on a mattress) and he is sprawled on the bed with the night stand crushing him. My first thought is oh crap elder francom is dead. Well I lift the night stand off of him and ask him if he was alright. He was. Then he proceeds to shove everything that fell on him onto the floor and then we all went back to sleep. We did not even bother to turn the lights on. We were just so tired. It literally was one of the funniest things! I was explaining this to the other elders and was crying cause it was so funny!  Well Monday was Memorial Day so that is why you did not get an email from me cause the library was closed. But we had a ward pancake breakfast and I got to play ultimate frisbee in the rain which was so fun! 

That is my week in a nutshell. I miss and love you all!! I definitely will be praying for  Aunt Kenya. Tell dad to soften his heart and get the dog! I am going to send my memory card next Monday so you can have some pictures. Hope all is well with everyone, family and friends. Let me know if there is anything I can do for any of you while I am out here in the great Ohio!

Elder Baird

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