Thursday, May 23, 2013

Elder Baird in Ohio

Oi Familia!

So the subject line Ohio...Rainy? Is how I have been feeling about Ohio lately! I am so glad the Lord sent me to Ohio because man will it prepare me for Brazil when I get down there! I think it has rained at least 3/4 of the days I have been here. I honestly was not expecting because I did not know anything about Ohio before coming. But I do love the rain so that is good! 

The work here is awesome! I think it is so beautiful here! Part of my area is farms, all the farmers are starting or already have planted corn for the seasons. It so cool to see!! It is also very green here which I love also! So here is some highlights from the week (Spiritual and not totally spiritual)

On Thursday we did splits with the High Priest Group leader, the Ward Mission Leader and the Ward Mission Leaders son. We were going to 3 different areas in out area and the on that I chose was Circleville/Ashville (Both are small town, farm land type place). And who I went with was the Ward Mission Leader Brother Codling. We visited a member named Renee that just shattered her foot. As a missionary I truly do feel at points that we are acting as Christ. We visit many of the sick and give blessings to some, just as Christ did. I love the opportunity of service as a missionary and as a priesthood holder. The next person we saw was an investigator named Jessica. Jessica is an amazing lady!  She also has health issues. How she explains them is that her spine is falling out her butt. She has arthritis and disease all at once within her spine. And this week she found out there is not cure or decent treatment. With this comes MUCH pain. It pains me to just see her walk! Yet she has so much faith!!! She does not blame God at all and looks to Him for help and guidance. Well we went and Brother Codling talked about people that went through difficult things but got past them with faith in Christ. The Spirit was definitely there. Jessica also has a hard time with the Word of Wisdom and that is what we have been working on with her. Well Brother Codling promised her by the priesthood that if she would 100% obey the Word of Wisdom her pain would be diminished. She was kinda grasping that promise.  After he said that the Spirit impressed me to be that second witness. So I promised her through the priesthood and as a servant of the Lord that exact promise. She then truly grasped the grandeur of that promise. I hope saw the love that both Brother Codling and I have for her and how much the Word of Wisdom will bless her life if she obeys it!

So we have some awesome members in our area. Especially concerning taking care of missionaries' physical needs. Are really the only physical need a missionary is concerned about is food! There are two particular amazing members that bless our lives weekly. First is the Chans. The Chans are from China and boy are they amazing. Brother Chan escaped communist China when he was a boy and swam 8 hours to get to Hong Kong. Well he met sister Chan in Hong Kong and then came here. The Chans feed us every Friday. And what they feed us is legit Chinese food! No joke it is the best Chinese food I have had! They used to own a restaurant but the retired. But what we have heard from ward members is people miss the restaurant! The Chans also cook a massive amount of food so when we leave we have to waddle our way out the door. There is always left overs. Then send us with all the left overs and more! Every time they give us fried rice as well. They are the most generous people I have met. The second member is Sister Lindquist. Sister Lindquist is a widow in our ward that lives alone. She is absolutely amazing! She herself is a returned missionary. Sister Lindquist loves to cook but as she told us she has no one to cook for anymore so she cooks for us. The only condition is we have to return her bins that the food comes in. And her food is so delicious! She is so kind! The interesting thing about both people is that when I have talked to them they have told me the reason why they do this. They want to make us missionaries feel at home. The Chans and Sister Lindquist both have said they want us to feel as close to home as possible. It touches my heart that these members care so much for me as a missionary.

Well I am doing good! I am loving the work and enjoying Ohio!! The gospel is so true! Don't focus on the things that don't make sense to yet. Just come to the knowledge that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a Prophet. Those are the most important parts. The Book of Mormon is our keystone and the Doctrine and Covenants (I consider this Joseph Smith since almost all the revelations came to him as a prophet) is the capstone. Don't to forget to have faith in Christ and charity. For we know that with charity we are nothing. What I recently learned is that we serve without charity. Have charity when you serve! Love everyone! Every single person on this Earth is someone Christ atoned for and he invites every single person to come unto him. Everyone has potential to be followers of Christ, but potential is only a good word if you fulfill it!

Love you all so much!! 

Elder Baird

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