Sunday, May 19, 2013

Elder Baird's First Full Week in Ohio

Dear Family,

Well it is crazy that is has been already more than a week here in Ohio. It is lots of fun and I am really enjoying my area. The members here are pretty awesome! We get fed everyday at least for dinner and there have been times that we have also been fed lunch. I love it out here! 

So the work in my area is a little bit slow when it comes to previous investigators. Lots of the investigators won't call or text us back. Therefore we have done lots of tracking and finding which is fun. You learn to be immune to mean people. My favorite ridiculous tracking experience is we knocked at this lady's door. I was standing by the window. She looked out the window and read my name tag, then she looked at us and shook her head. We just laughed because she read my name tag which is in Portuguese! Yesterday we finally had a lesson because of tracking. Every time we have set up an appointment after tracking they never are they when we set up the appointment and never want to reschedule. So you can imagine how happy I was when the investigator let us in to teach. Her name is Darianna. We taught her the first lesson. When I was reciting the First Vision we all felt the Spirit very strong. We helped her identify what the Spirit was and she said that it made her want to cry. We reassured her that it was completely normal. It is weird to explain it though, but so cool at the same time. Another miracle of this week was a non member came to the potluck. Her name is Kathy and we ran into her while trying to visit some investigators. We invited her to church and then later that week we remember about the ward potluck that Friday. So we decided to give her a call and invite her to the ward potluck. Well Friday came and we knew she knew when and where is was at so all we could do was wait. We went about our schedule and nothing was working out. All appointments canceled or just did not feel like being there when they said they would be there. Only one planned appointment sort of worked out. So needless to say we were a little discouraged. But I was hoping and praying that she would come to the ward potluck. Well we waited and waited and she came! We were so excited that something worked out for us in the end. The ward potluck was really cool. They had a member named Brother Perez sing Spanish songs since he is from the Canary Islands. Another cool member we met this week is sister Maynard. We talked with her and her non member husband and we found out she has a cool talent. She makes all sorts of things out of gourds! It was really cool!! One thing that caught me off guard about being a missionary. Everyone stares at you!!! Everywhere we go people stare at us! Its pretty cool being the center of attention. 

We hope to meet with more investigators this week. Another thing that surprised me a little was how much as missionaries we also focus on the needs of ward members. We visit many less actives, part member families, and the sick. At first I was confused by this. I was wondering why am I wasting my time with people that already know and have the truth. Then it dawned on me that we as missionaries are their to invite all to come unto Christ. We just don't invite non members but we invite active members, less actives, and all people we come in contact with.

I have heard nothing on the visa. Oh well? Did you check online at the visa website?
Other stuff I needed after talking to you mom is my temple bag cause we get to go quarterly and I don't know how long I will be here. I think that is it for right now besides home baked goods. 

Well I am doing awesome! I am loving the mission life! I love all of you as well! The church is true, the book is blue, and you can pray to know it is true!

Elder Baird  

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