Monday, May 6, 2013

Elder Baird's Arrives in Ohio

Hey Family!

How is everyone? How is Bailey liking BYU I? Are the kids done with school? Life is good here in Ohio. I am in an area south of Columbus called the Canal Winchester area. It is lots of fun for sure! Did the Windsors live in Ohio?? I swore I saw someone that looked like Sister Windsors on Saturday. This weekend we had Stake Conference. So the adult session was about temples and then the Sunday session was a broadcast from Salt Lake City. We got to hear from Elder Gay, Sister Something (Don't remember her name), Elder Hales, and President Utchdorf. 

Well clearly I got to Ohio safe and sound. There was 24 missionaries coming in to the mission (That is visa waiters and non visa waiters). Well we met our Mission President, President Nilsen. He is a pretty cool guy. Pookie this is just for you! Guess what he does for a job? He is the president of Cafe Rio! The very first time I heard that I thought of you :). Well we got to the mission home and unloaded our stuff then everyone helped cook dinner. I was pretty good! Then we had some instruction from president. Then president went to begin interviews and we had more instruction from Sister Nilsen and the assistants. After more instruction from them we had dessert and president was still interviewing. Well I was the last one to be interviewed and I got interviewed at around midnight so that was fun. Well we got up at 630am got ready loaded everything and everyone up in cars and went to the church to meet our trainers. We got there had some more training! Then finally we got our trainers! My trainers name is Elder Francom. He is pretty legit! He is from Honeyville Utah (North of Brigham City). He comes from a family of 11. He was at BYU I before the mission. So I met him and then the president talked to all the trainers and us greenies. Then we all went into a big transfer meeting where to our surprise we received another companion named Elder Miles. He is from American Fork and lived in Uncle Mike and Aunt Sarah's ward!! He saw them on my calendar and said, "who is this? how do you know them?" So the transfer meeting was fun! Our mission has a sweet mission song that I love! Then we got a ride from a member in our ward Brother Winfield who  apparently we have been stalking. He has lived in Orem Utah, Wickenburg Arizona, and Owasso Oklahoma! Talk about crazy!! 

Well the from Thursday afternoon to now I have just been working. The mission field is 100% different from the MTC. We have done lots of tracking and finding! Curse my father for being a dentist cause it is the first thing I notice on people! And man let me tell you there are some horrible teeth here. We met a lot of potential investigators while tracking. We also have met many members, less actives, and part member families. Its fun to serve and learn and work! Sadly no investigators are willing to answer their phones, call us back, or answer their doors. We are really hoping to meet with some this week. We did talk to 2 guys that are new investigators name Jaron and Dennis. They were both really cool guys! Luckily no one is been mean to us they just don't answer or say they are not interested! 

Happy Birthday Cameron!! Hope you have a good birthday! It is crazy you are already 12!!! 

Greenie Pride?
I did remember what Rob said about greenie pride. And I don't think I have it.

Mother's Day?
I will be able to call on mothers day but no skype. So look for a number area code of 614. I am not sure the time yet but I am an hour a head and have church from 1 to 4. So I will find a time though. It will most likely be that night sometime. 

Send stuff?
I can't think of anything for you to send except maybe some home baked treats and honey! Especially honey! I think I should be fine with one suite. 

My new address is 6284 Equine Crossing Canal Winchester, OH 43110. Send me mail and stuff!! 

I am doing awesome and I am loving it here in the great Ohio!! The gospel is true!


Elder Baird 

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