Monday, September 16, 2013

A Pretty Awesome Week!

Well Good Morning Family!
To Begin: Happy Birthday KAYLA! Also How is everyone this fine Monday Morning? Life is great here in the Ohio! I love every minute of being here with knowledge of the work I get to partake in. What a wonderful time to be a missionary with all the excitement of the progressing of the work.
So this week was pretty awesome! As a Zone we were working to break the record of 39 new investigators found in our zone. So we prayed with faith and worked with diligence (and used a little bribery) and the Lord provided us with 50 new investigators as a Zone breaking the mission record of 41 as a zone! I love how if we have faith all things are possible! We are now really striving for people at church! It is so important that we get people to church to see the ordinance of the sacrament.
Another great highlight of the week was Elder Tolley and I did a chapel tour with two of our investigators! It was the best chapel tour either of us had given. What made it awesome was 2 things. One was we had an amazing member sister Bowman there to testify and teach with us. Second was the spirit of the chapel. There is something called Spirit of place where there is a special spirit in certain places and the chapel is definitely one of them. I was able to use my talents and play an arrangement of I Know That My Redeemer Lives while our 2 investigators pondered the impact of Christ in their life. Well after I was done there was not a dry eye among us. We then took them to the baptismal font and invited them to be baptized. To which they both accepted!
The last great highlight of the week was a baptism on Saturday! One of our investigators named Sarah was baptized. I came at the tale end of it because of transfers but it was an amazing baptism. I love the spirit found in the ordinances of baptism. President Hinckley actually said that he feels the Spirit the most at a baptismal font. Baptisms are pretty awesome!

Well we have a full week ahead of us with exchanges and hopefully more baptisms and blessings. Today we are going to reward our hard work last week with going to the Delaware county fair so that should be fun!

Love you all!
Elder Baird

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