Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Healing Miracle!!

Hello Family!
Well I love y'all! So life is just crazy as ever which I love! I am going to be honest this week was not the best but oh well! It only can get better from here, mainly it consisted of lots of dropped appointments, angry baptists, and lots of driving. But there is always amazing things happening on a mission even when it seems like there is not!

So first amazing thing was an old investigator named Carol. Her husband is an inactive member and her step sons just got baptized about 6 months ago. So about 2 weeks ago her husband asked us to come over and we taught a lesson where many tears were shed. Last Monday we went over again. Now Carol has had serious arm trouble for quite sometime. She says it feels like the feeling when you hit your funny bone but it is there always. She had to wear a weird arm band and she never can sleep. So while we were over there her husband suggested we give her a blessing. So we did. We left on a great note. Well the week went by and her husband texted us on Friday and said we should go check on Carol so we did. And she was healed. She does not have to wear the arm band and she can sleep peacefully at night. She was extremely grateful! She truly had a different light in here eye then she had before. She said her husband told her, "God took a step towards you so now it is your turn to take a step towards Him." She agreed about that. So we are hoping she will truly contemplate the step of baptism.
Another amazing thing was we got to go to the temple! Oh how I have missed the temple! The peace felt there is like no other peace you can feel on this earth. It has a special spirit! And every time I go with a question it is answered! Try to go to the temple as much as you can it is so awesome!
Also a cool amazing thing was we got to see a lot of the Zone. So as zone leaders we get to go to other areas in our zone or they come to our area and we help and train them. So at the beginning of the week we got to have some elders with us in our area. Then we went to there district meeting which is held on OSU Campus' institute. Lastly on Friday we went down to a place called Dublin to work with those elders there. It is so fun being able to help missionaries learn and grow!
Lastly to end the week we played disc golf with some old guys in our ward this morning. Apparently we play with them every Monday which I am so excited for! It was so much fun! Everyone needs to try it! It was a blast!
This week I have start reading the Old Testament. My thoughts on it are it is so weird!! But it is one of the standard works I don't understand as well as the others. But the scriptures are so awesome! I love reading them and it seems I can not get enough of them! I wish we had forever to just read and ponder them! 

Well I love all of you! I miss yall like crazy!! Hope you guys have a good week!
Elder Baird 

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