Monday, March 17, 2014

Pretty Good Week!

Hey Family!! 

Well family this week was a lot better than last! I shall tell you why!

Monday was a pretty normal day. Had some awesome finding experiences and it was beautiful day!! Tuesday was and interesting day for me. An Elder in our zone texted us that morning and asked, "if my companion has been sick for the past 2 days and I have just been stuck here what do I do?" (By the way I love it when this happens. It shows that they trust and will ask us for help.) He is a greenie so I don't blame him for not knowing what to do. So we called Sister Nilsen and I went down to stay with the sick Elder for the day why the awesome greenie come up to Delaware with Elder Motes. That day turned into a day of pondering and reading and pondering some more.

Wednesday I went down to Worthington on surprise exchanges with Elder Geist and Elder Caulderwood. Elder Geist and I stayed in Worthington. It was loads of fun being down in Worthington. I love going to a different area for the day. We were able to eat with one of the office senior couples which was fun. Thursday we had another surprise exchange with Lewis Center. Elder Motes stayed down there with Elder Bean while Elder Monahan and I went to Delaware. It was loads of fun with Elder Monahan! He is a great Elder! He is always happy. We mad some pie for some people and also go to eat with the Bowmans! They are like my favorite members here! 

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we stayed in Delware for the most part. We were able to work with a part member family we are teaching, the Davis family. They are pretty sweet! A few of them were able to come to church this Sunday. Friday we got to go to Abuela's house. Abuela is a little old mexican lady in the ward. Her grandson, Gabe, lives with her. Gabe is awesome and he comes out with us all the time. Well once or twice and month abuela feeds us authentic, delicious mexican food! I love her food!  Sunday we had the opportunity to take Chealsea Rettig (recent convert from December) to a New Member missionary fireside. It was loads of fun to hear testimonies and talks from the senior couple that has been teaching the Mormish (Mormon Amish) families. These children are amazing. Back in October I was able to see them. Let us just say they would destroy anyone in scripture mastery! In all seriousness, they could pull out all those scriptures in 2 seconds or less! 

Well I hope all of you will have a great week! I know I will! 

Elder Baird 

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