Monday, July 7, 2014

Run Down on Me being Transferred – June 16

Hey mom and dad here is a little play by play of how it all came to be. 

So Wednesday President Nilsen called us and said I need you here as soon as you can. So we were at a zone meeting 50 minutes away so we started the trek back to Powell. We went into the house and sat down. President came in and said Elder Baird I need to meet with you. I will be honest in my head I was trying the think if I did anything wrong. But I could not think of anything. We sat down and he told me that he was just going to cut straight to the point. He told me I was needed as a special assignment and will need to be in my new area by Saturday night. He told me this is an assignment he has never given or seen around the area the whole three years he has been a Mission President. Then he told me I needed to call President Birch the stake president in the Columbus East Stake.

Thursday: I called President Birch and he asked for me to meet him at 9 am on Sunday. 

Saturday: I packed up and then head off for Coshocton, Ohio (my new area). 

Sunday Morning. I sat down and met with President Birch. Long story short he called me to be the Branch President of the Coshocton Branch. I of course accepted. 

Hope that clarifies things! 

Elder Baird 

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