Monday, July 7, 2014

Sad Day – June 30

Hey family! 

So I will address the subject line right now. It is a sad day because the NIlsens leave today. I have learned so much from them! They were the reason I needed to be here in Ohio. They have been the closest people to a mom and dad I have had out here for 16 months. I have had the opportunity to fast and pray with them concerning my visa. I have had the opportunity to teach many people (Linda Thomas, Dubanowiches, and Pohmers) in their home. I had the experience to sit side by side with my Mission President on the stage in a Church of Christ building as he testified in words and I through music the truthfulness of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We have been able to laugh and cry together as we have brought many of God's Children to the fold. 

BUT I am very excited for President and Sister Daines! They sound absolutely amazing! 

So transfers were on Thursday and both companions I had were transferred and now I have Elder Decker! We were at BYU together in the same ward. Nick roommed with Elder's Decker's fall roommates winter semester. So we are just having the time of our lives here in little Coshocton. 

Friday we did some weekly planning and did some normal missionary work. We had some funny experiences with random people. 

Saturday we did more missionary work! We helped this family we met tracking few weeks ago tear down their ceiling. Now the problem was that it was a house built in the 1920 so it used to have a coal furnace. Therefore there was a bunch of coal soot as we pulled it down. We were covered head to toe in it. I can officially say I never want to be a chimney sweeper or work in coal mines. Hopefully I don't have the black lung. It took us forever to shower! We were finding coal soot in the corner of our eyes, in our ears, up our nose, and all over. 

Sunday was my first day as Branch President. That was pretty weird! My counselors and I were the ones that talked yesterday. We talked on Charity and love. I thought it went very well. After church I had a few interviews. President would always tell us at interview time how in the very beginning of their mission after 10 interviews he was exhausted. Now he can do 40 and be fine. Well I kind of figured that out on Sunday. After the interviews I had I was pretty tired. So I ate lunch and passed out on my office floor for 30 minutes while Elder Decker read some pamphlets. Also Elder Decker was called and set apart as my Executive Secretary.

Well it has been a great few days! I hope you are all well! I love you all! 

Elder Baird (according to President Nilsen I should sign it President Baird but I am not comfortable with that yet) 

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