Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving with a goal! - Dec 2

Hello beautiful family!

So this week was another great week, full of transfers, Thanksgiving, and working towards goals.

So this week was transfers and I got a new companion! Luckily I am still in Delaware which is great! I absolutely love Delaware! So my new companion is Elder Hayes. He is from Florida and he is pretty cool. He was actually in our Zone the past few transfers so he did not move to far. So we are having lots of fun!

So Thanksgiving was lots of fun! We went and ate at some members named the Fowlers. They invited 2 other families in the ward and also Brother Fowlers boss. It was lots of fun and really good! Thanksgiving is a great holiday except when it comes to missionary work! No one wants to talk to us. Oh well I guess we will get them next time! 

So another exciting thing is about the Amish. So on Saturday was a big OSU game therefore missionary work died again for about 4 hours. Well a member invited us over because he was having some Amish friends over. Well they are really shy and kept to themselves. But the member told us that he had talked to them many times about the Book of Mormon. Well I gave them a Book of Mormon and they accepted it. I can now say I gave a Book of Mormon to an Amish family! Hopefully they get baptized! 

Well as a mission we have a year goal. That year goal is 500+ baptisms! We know we can do it. Last year they hit 500 baptism and we have split in half since then and we are at 445 so far this year! We can totally do it but to make sure we fasted as a zone on Sunday for investigators that could be baptized by the end of the year. Well miracles were happening all over the Zone. One area put an investigator on date for baptism, a part member family that is interested just moved into our ward, another part member family in an area became interested, and many other miracles. But the miracle happened to us so far because of the fast was from a member. So one of our investigators is really close to baptism but she can not pay tithing (or so she says). Well we have been trying to help her know that she will be blessed from tithing. It is been full of stories about people we know from back home or stories we have heard. Well this morning we got a call from one of my favorite members Sister McClister (we planned the baptism for her daughter who was deaf and hit by the car) Well she called us and said that yesterday she paid her tithing. She said when doing the math multiple times with bills and all they were -60 in their bank account. Well she went to the bank today and the teller said that she had 30 dollars in her bank account. She made the teller do it again to make sure. But miraculously there was an extra 30 dollars for Christmas and Birthdays this month. Tithing really does work! So we are going to take Sister McClister over to a lesson so she can share her personal experience! Then hopefully our investigator can get baptized in December! Also please pray for the mission that we can obtain our goal of 500 baptisms!! 

Well I love you and hope that all is well! 

Elder Baird 

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