Monday, December 16, 2013

The Gospel Changes Lives!

Hello family! 

Well it has been a great week this week! I have had amazing experiences this past week! 

So on Friday had the great opportunity to go and baptize Angela's daughter Jaleya in Xenia! It was amazing!! The ordinance of baptism is so amazing and the Spirit is so strong at the ordinance of baptism. It was great to perform a baptism to a close friend. But what was also as an amazing spiritual experience for me was seeing Angela, Sierra, and Olivia. The only words I can use to describe them is pure happiness. There was a physical change in their happiness from 5 months ago when I left Xenia. That is what the gospel does! It changes people, if they will let it! I was honestly surprised how much the gospel had changed Angela and her daughters. I knew it would but not the extent it did in so short amount of time. 

Also this past week an investigator accepted to be baptized on the 28th!! Her name is Chelsea! We have been working with her for quite sometime. Her and her brother, Cody, are like family to me now. But the to have been changed by the gospel! They have said that they are happier because of the gospel. I am so excited for Chelsea to get baptized!! 

The gospel is what will, can, and does change lives. It reminds me of a scripture in 2 Nephi 9 verse 39. The last bit says, "and to be spiritually-minded is life eternal." Or as the bolded letters spell... SMILE! As we obey and follow the commandments set forth, we will be happier. If we are not happy now, we can become happy if we put the gospel first. There is no other way to pure, eternal, happiness except through the gospel!

Well I hope all is well and you are having a wonderful Christmas holiday. It is snowy and like 25 degrees here and I am loving it! 

Elder Baird 

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