Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Lord Wants Elder Baird in Ohio

Hello Family,

It is a beautiful snowy day here in Ohio! 

So if you have not already heard, I am staying in Ohio. Now I am guessing some of you want to know my thoughts on the subject. And if you don't oh well! So Thursday after our Mission Christmas Devotional (where Elder Tolley, one of my past companions, and I performed Silent Night. I was singing and he was playing the guitar) I called President to get permission to go and baptize Jalea (the last daughter of the family of 5 Elder Prettyman, Beutler, and I baptized in July). Well He called me back and said he has an email he wants to read to me. The email said something along the lines of, "Concerning the permanent reassignment of Elder Zachary Baird. The case has been reviewed by one of the Apostles of the Lord and Elder Baird is to stay in the Columbus Ohio mission. [Great news!]" It apparently really did say great news. I was so excited honestly! Now I would be lying to you if there was not an ounce of me that was a little disappointed. But that very small sadness has been overwhelmed by the joy. The Lord has asked of me to stay here and this is where I am to be. So why was I originally called to Brazil then why was I not called to Ohio? Here are a few thoughts on the matter. First, the time I had at the MTC was unforgettable and priceless to me as a missionary. I was able to have amazing experiences that I would not trade for in the world. If I was called to Ohio originally I might not have had all those grand experiences and met all the amazing life changing people I did. Second, it was/is amazing to me how well I have picked up Portuguese and still remember a lot that I have learned. I believe that it will need those languages skills still. Part of me believes/hopes that there will be a big Brazilian immigration to Ohio, therefore there will be many to teach the gospel too. Lastly this could be a trial of faith for me and for my family. This was pointed out by Bishop Johnson on Thursday. It is sometimes hard to accept the will of the Lord. We desire something yet the Lord has another plan in store. We must never let our faith, desire, and trust falter when the will of the Lord is knocking at the door. I feel and believe that this is the will of Lord playing a part in my ever changing life. I am so excited to be in Ohio!

So the week has gone by pretty well! We have been able to teach many lessons. This week was a long jam packed week. Tuesday we had Leadership council. At leadership council we as leaders of the mission discussed and deliberated and created the Great Columbus Ohio Mission Title of Liberty. Then on Wednesday we had Zone meeting where we brought the mission Title of Liberty to the Zone. It was a great Zone meeting. Then on Thursday we had the mission Christmas Devotional where we listened to musical numbers and messages given from President and Sister Nilsen. Then Friday we had weekly planning and 24 hour exchanges with the Lewis Center Elders. On Friday we had a snow storm come through Delaware. Elder Twogood and I were able to help push some people out of ditches that do not know how to drive in the snow. 

It was a great week. Now I told mom some exciting news. And I will just share with you all a few tid bits of that exciting news. So there is a family in a small town outside of Delaware that knows the church is true. President and Sister Nilsen have been working with them lately. But they are a part of a small Christian Church of 22 people, and the church is basically family and they can not leave them. Well there small church does not have a pastor in January and February, they are planning on paying someone. Well Sister Nilsen offered that President and Sister Nilsen along with Elder Hayes and I go and teach them on Sundays without pay. From what I know we will for sure be teaching he congregation at least once both months. And for them it is not a matter of if the family gets baptized it is just when.

This truly is the Lord's work as I have seen miracles happen and miracles unfolding! Hope yall have a great week! 

Elder Baird 

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