Monday, January 27, 2014

Another Crazy Week – January 21

Hello family! 

Sorry you did not get an email from me yesterday! The library was closed because of MLK day! Therefore we are emailing today! So this past week has been super busy. But what week do I have in the mission that is not busy. 

So Tuesday we had leadership council! I love leadership council! We all got together and discussed the goals we want for the up and coming year. Last leadership council we made a Title of Liberty for our mission. On Tuesday we discussed it and made some changes. We set the goal of 600 baptisms for the year 2014! 

Wednesday we had zone meeting! I love zone meeting so much! I love being able to teach people (missionaries, members, investigators) the doctrines and principles of the gospel! Teaching has become one of my favorite thing to do! 

Thursday we did surprise exchanges on a area in our zone. We went down there and told one to pack up he is going up to Delaware for the day and then told the other one that I was staying with him. It is quite funny to see their faces! But it was a good exchange. 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were just normal busy days full of teaching, testifying, and talking. But yesterday was pretty awesome! So there is an investigator here in Delaware that has been coming to church for a few years and teaches primary. Her husband is a member and all his family is in the ward. I have only been able to meet with them like 3 times because of their crazy schedules. Well set up and appointment for last night about a week ago. The impression that I would always get when we would talk about her was that president needs to come to the lesson and meet with her. After we set up the lesson I called Sister Nielsen and invited them to the lesson. She said I got a better idea how about all of you come over for dinner and a lesson. So that is what we did. We had an amazing dinner. Then President talked to her about 2 Nephi 31 and she accepted baptism for this Saturday! So we get to plan for a baptism this Saturday! 

Well that is the week in a nut shell! Hope all is well with you! Love you all!

Elder Baird 

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