Monday, January 27, 2014

Just Another Week of Being a Missionary – January 27

Hello family!

Linda's baptism that was planned did not happen this Saturday. She backed out on Tuesday night. We meet with her on Wednesday night though so I am really excited for that!

Other than that it has been a great week! The weather has been nice to me but the worse to Elder Hayes. It has been filled with snow and cold. It was so snow filled and cold that every ward besides ours in the stake had church cancelled or just had sacrament meeting. But suprisingly we had 4 at church so that was a wonderful miracle.

Another amazing thing is we had a chapel tour with my presbeterian pastor. Pastor Deb is the bomb! She calls me her boy and says she has adopted me. We had an awesome chapel tour with her and a member named Sister Bowman. The Spirit was so strong there. She accepted reading the Book of Mormon which we are very excited for!

The work is definitley progressing. I was telling the grandmas in a letter I wrote to both of them this morning, the amazing increase in the work. In my zone we have 31 missionaries (the biggest within the mission). Half of the 31 are sister missionaries. Also half of the missionaries have not been out longer then 2 months. It is amazing to me the hastening of His work. Lately I have been contemplating Jacob 5. The thought that keeps coming to mind is this is the last call of the servants of the Lord of the vineyard!

So I need y'all's help. This past week my good friend out here, Elder Campbell (He has been the missionary I have been around the longest since I have moved so much), got news that his mother has 2 tumors in her brain. They were able to operate and take out half of it but they will have to chemo the rest. So pleast make sure to but Elder Campbell's mom and his family in your prayers!

Well I love you all! Hope you have a fantastic week!

Elder Baird

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