Monday, January 13, 2014

Don’t Give Up on Anyone: January 12

Hello Family,

Not much has changed from Wednesday but just enough has to write you an email. So Thursday I got a new companion named Elder Mallory. He is from Washington. So Thursday we went to a member’s home with her boyfriend that has been coming to church recently. He made a wonderful seafood dinner! Well afterwards we just started talking about how powerful prayer is. And he told us how pray had blessed his life and then told us he wants us to meet with us. Which was really cool to hear! He even told us that he did not want to have dinner with us because he did not know what we were going to do. During dinner he said that it was Satan trying to stop him. It is amazing when people we teach realize the tools that the adversary is using to stop them from progressing in the gospel. So we are teaching him this week!

Another cool thing that happened is lately we have been visiting a less active named Mike Thomas. He has been less active physically but not in Spirit. He has had a few bad encounters with missionaries and with ward members. But he is an amazing guy! You would not believe me if I told you some of his stories. Just a few things he has told us has been about meeting queens, kings, presidents, and speaking at the MTC and many other crazy things (he only has 9 fingers) He has read the Book of Mormon over 30 times for over 100 different topics. Well yesterday he finally came to church! Then last night we had dinner with him and he said ,"Elder Baird and Elder Hayes, I need to thank you. You have changed me life and have given me the motivation I needed" I was honestly taken back cause all we did was show him love and helped him get back to church. 

Because of him and Chelsea I have been thinking a lot about going to the rescue and not giving up on anyone. One of my favorite quotes by President Monson is, "Amid the storms of life, danger lurks. Men and women, boys and girls, find themselves stranded, facing destruction. Who will guide the life boats, leaving behind the comforts of home and family, and go to the rescue? Our task is not insurmountable. We are on the Lord's errand; we are entitled to his help." We have to find the one that is lost but not give up! 

Also Mike got a wolf puppy and I am getting on after the mission! He is the coolest dog ever! 

Hope you all had a great week! 

Elder Baird

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